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Coventry University



  • Coventry University Website
  • Coventry University Website
  • Coventry University Website
  • Coventry University Website

A Brand New Look

Coventry University approached us to work alongside them in the re-design of their corporate website.

The University decided that an extensive re-design of their website was needed. The new design was required to bring the look of the site in line with the University’s updated brand, which uses a combination of a bright colour palette, specific image treatment and abstract imagery. Coventry University also wanted to develop the homepage as a single-point-of-entry where users could quickly link through to the large array of content contained on the site.

We worked with the University’s marketing team to produced concepts for both the online identity and single-point-of-entry system. The designs were sent out for user testing and appraisal by key University target markets to determine the direction of development.

The single point of entry we eventually developed uses a sliding door function that reveals sublinks of a specific area when rolled over. This allows for the homepage to contain a lot of information whilst at first appearing simple and focused.

A set of online brand guidelines were developed, in conjunction with the in-house marketing team, to determine the visual look of the site and ensure consistency with offline materials.

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