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Kraken Creative

About Us

We are a team of thinking designers, developers, photographers, and general problem solvers, based at Electric Wharf in Coventry, producing creative solutions both in print and digitally, on the web and with apps.

  • About Kraken Creative
  • About Kraken Creative
  • About Kraken Creative
  • Who we are
    • Who are we?

      Kraken Creative was established in 2004 by Directors Howard Forrester and Zenon Texeira, based on an enthusiasm to deliver high quality design solutions through a personal working approach.

      We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, enthusiasm for all aspects of design and a desire to always deliver the best possible solutions.

      In our relatively short existence we have worked on projects with globally recognised brands such as Manchester United, the National Football League and Vivienne Westwood, whilst simultaneously developing working relationships with local businesses here in the Midlands.

      Electric Wharf
  • What we do
    • What we do

      Maybe it should be what don't we do.

      Our main areas of expertise are in print design, web design and development, app design and development, brand identity and photography, however the strength of the team is in its creativity and flexibility. We consider ourselves problem solvers with each member of the team contributing different strengths, equating to something much greater than the confines of everyone's individual roles.

      Creative solutions are what we pride ourselves in so no matter what the medium, format, or size, we endeavour to deliver work that engages its audience.

      Work Examples
  • Clients
    • Clients

      • Arsenal FC
      • Alison Jackson
      • Coventry City FC
      • Coventry University
      • George Pragnell
      • Major League Baseball
      • Manchester United FC
      • National Football League
      • North Warwickshire & Hinckley College
      • Opus
      • Peridot London
      • Saatchi Gallery
      • Serck Services
      • Six Voices
      • Vivienne Westwood
      • Watermarque Marine
      • Windspeed